BradScholar School Management System is an easy to use School Management System that simplifies administrative, academic and learning related activities of a school… Including handling of activities like admission, attendance, courses, employees, examinations and more in a streamlined and accurate manner.
It is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the systems and processes related to running your institute efficiently.


Online Admissions

A robust system that manages the entire admission process for primary, secondary or tertiary institution. E.g Post UME, acceptance, review, clearance, admission list etc

Student IS

Flexible Student Information System (SIS). Maintain detailed students profile, generate student ID card, aggregate Student information from all other modules, etc.

Payments System

Integrate with payments platforms like interswitch, mastercard, VISA, etc via GTPay. Across different modules like admission, fees, etc.

Course Management

Manage sessions, terms, semesters etc. Create and manage programs/depts/subjects. Define the credits, hours and sections, etc.

School Automated Portal Can easily be customized by our in house experts to match the system and processes of any non conventional model a school is running on